Lauren Ferro: Gamer and Innovator:

Lauren is a gamification consultant (learning and education) and doctoral researcher BA. (Hons) in the GEElab at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
With a background is in video games, graphic design and multimedia, Lauren's main areas of research are looking into ways to personalise gamified experiences in order to motivate and engage users on a deeper level.

In 2012 she was part of the first ever Games for Change Australia and New Zealand festival. Working as part of the AV and tech support team, multimedia designer and helped with the organisation of the festival.

Besides games, Lauren has interests in psychology, science, languages and music.

Current Projects

(2013 - present)

perfekt.ID is a project that seeks to investigates the relationship between personality, game elements and mechanics. The concept of who we are and the way gamified applications are designed for our specific traits and idiosyncracies is an emerging area. To date, no conclusive research has been conducted that investigates the relationship between game elements and mechanics, and personality; and how game elements and mechanics can be used in effective ways that do not manipulate users, often in what is known as a Skinner Box scenario (for more information go here). The aim of perfekt.ID is to acknowledge the user and to design for them as individuals, rather than for them as a collective. This will be reflective in the design of a prototype that strays from typical gamified applications so as not to manipulate the user to engage and interact but rather intrisically motivate them to do so.

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Interactive, gamified professional learning application
Developing an application to assist academic professionals to become familiar with and utilise technology and online learning tools as part of their lesson strategy. (DSC College, RMIT)

Past Projects


Not a Waste of Space
The Not a Waste of Space project was to design and develop a professional learning approach to support academic staff who are teaching in Next Generation Learning Spaces. The approach is interactive, ‘just-in-time’ and ‘just-for-me’ and results in a shift from an old to a new professional learning paradigm. (DSC College, RMIT)


The Intrepid Adventures of Mr Thagoras
This was an alpha prototype that taught and provided feedback on the basics of Trigonometry (years 8, 9, 10). It was developed as part of her year of honours and there are plans to continue development on it.


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Ferro, Lauren S., Walz, Steffen P., Greuter, Stefan (2013): Towards personalised, gamified systems: an investigation into game design, personality and player typologies. Long paper for the 2013 Interactive Entertainment conference. Available Online

Ferro, Lauren S. and Steffen P. Walz (2013): Like this: How game elements in social media and collaboration are changing the flow of information. Short paper for the "Designing Gamification: Creating Gameful and Playful Experiences" workshop at CHI 2013. Available Online


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